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Types of Cancer

Types of Cancer

Cancer is now become one of the most prevailing disease throughout the world responsible for death. Not all but most of the cancers are curable, but, there are some vital organs in the body that if they effected by the cancerous cells, may eventually results in death.

Most prevailing types of Cancer

According to a survey report, in 2004 cancer become one of the most dreadful diseases responsible for death. Though cancer can occur in any organ of human body but there is a list of some cancer that prevails throughout the world speedily and cause deaths. Cancer like other diseases cause by unhygienic habits. These habits include smoking, alcohol addiction and exposure to pollutants. Smoking is responsible for many diseases; it is also the major cause of lungs cancer. Lungs cancer is responsible for the millions of death each year. Another prevailing cancer is the stomach cancer and the liver cancer. Major cause of these two types of cancer is alcohol addiction and exposure to pollutants. They may also be caused by the genetic mutations. Colorectal and breast cancer are the other two types that are now become predominant cancers among women. The major reason is the genetic variations.

General causes of different types of cancers

Unhygienic habits like use of alcohols, drugs and smoking are responsible for the occurrence of cancer. Use of betel nut and tobacco has same effects on body. Other important factor involves the eating habits. Eating vegetables and fruits reduces the risk factor of cancer. Environmental effects and viral infections are also responsible for causing cancers in body.

Forms of cancer

Cancer disease is divided into two forms; malignant cancer and non-malignant or benign form of cancer. Malignant cancer is also known as tumors or neoplasms. It is actually the tumor of uncontrolled growth rate. It has the ability to show abnormal growth and affect the other parts of body by translocation via blood and other body fluid. The tumor in malignant form can invade into the organ and also from one organ to other organ making the whole body malfunctioned. It also makes the body susceptible to the attacks of other viral diseases.

Treatment of malignant cancer

The treatment of malignant cancer is somehow difficult, because the cancer has the ability to regrow from another location. Therefore the early detection is very important in case of malignant cancer. 

Benign or nonmalignant tumors

These are the tumors that have very little risk effects on the human body. Although they are also firmed by the abnormal growth of the cells but they do not have the ability to affect the other organs of the body. They do not enter into the circulatory systems of the body. In most of the cases these nonmalignant tumors perform normal functions.


Tumors or cancerous cell can effect any organ of the body but some cancers are more frightful then others. Cancer can be benign and malignant, but, in both types early detection is very necessary for proper treatment.

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  1. most type of cancer is dangerous for health, so we must healthy life to prevent it