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Throat Cancer Causes and Treatment

Throat Cancer

The cancer that affects the throat cells may cause from number of factors. All the factors show the neglecting behavior toward the hygienic habits. The earlier signs of the cancer in throat are similar to the other problems of throat but if these conditions become chronic it shows the alarming situation and warns the patient to take care and inform to the doctor for proper and timely treatment.

Susceptible areas

Throat refers to the muscular tube that runs from nose to neck. So it covers the nasal area and the larynx, pharynx and the tonsils area. Throat cancer may affect any part of throat. Cancer can affect the glottis and epiglottis as well. Below and above the glottis there is supra and subglottic region respectively. These regions can also be affected by cancerous cells. On the back of the throat, there is a pair of tonsils, the oncological disease of tonsils is known as tonsil cancer.

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms of throat cancer are very similar to the ordinary diseases of throat, like, roughness in voice, sore throat and the formation of inflammation in the throat. These are the initial signs that may be common to other disease. These are the few symptoms, but, most of the symptoms are also common, therefore if few of these signs are felt by patient, it does not mean that there is the occurrence of cancer unless these signs persist for long time and become chronic with the passage of time.
The other signs may include pain in throat; the pain may increase during swallowing the food. This pain may reach to ear and head as the time pass, so the pain becomes more intense with the passage of time. The cancer in throat is also responsible for bad breadth and cough. This cancer is also responsible for feeling difficulty in swallowing food and breathing. Sometime breathing becomes so difficult that it results in suffocation. Loss of appetite and sudden weight loss is common in all types of cancer.


It can be caused by genetic mutation due to the exposure to radiations and dust. Most of the often dietary habits are also responsible for cancer. Such as excessive use of alcohol, smoking, betel nut chewing habits. Eating raw and cooked vegetables also prove helpful to reduce the chances of cancer in throat.


With the advancement in the field of oncology, most of the cancer patients are treated with specific site target therapies. It is actually the exposure of radiation and drugs to the specific cell affected with cancer. Different therapies are also used for the treatment of the cancer. Like use of different drugs during chemotherapy. For the elimination of cancer from the throat, surgery is performed. Of the cancer effects the larynx cell, then the whole larynx is removed surgically, which makes the patient unable to speak again.


Throat covers many important organs responsible for proper function of digestive, respiratory and vocal system. If cancer affects any part of one system then there are chances of cancer in other system because with division in the cancerous cell the cancer spread from one organ to the other.

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