Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cancer Stages

Cancer stages vary in the intensity and thus play a vital role in identifying the severity of disease in the patient. When initially scientists discovered cancer stages, they proved to be a landmark in the history of development for cancer disease. Four major cancer stages are there in which the first one is known as in situ cancer. In this stage the cancer is its’ minor form. After in situ the cancer became localized and thus known as localized cancer. The two dangerous cancer stages are regional cancer and distant cancer. At the last stage of cancer it is almost impossible to find a cure for the disease. 

Why cancer is divided into different stages?

Cancer is divided into various stages according to the severity of the disease. It depends on how much the disease has affected human beings. These stages of cancer play a significant role in the treatment of patients. They are going to be treated differently on different stages of cancer. Even in the worst situations or the last stages of cancer, the complete treatment of this disease is not possible. With the help of identifying the cancer stage of the patient it is possible to identify the potential effects of the disease on patients’ body. This will make it easier for doctors to control or mitigate those impacts prior to the time they actually happen.

In situ cancer stage

It is the initial stage of cancer in which a cell is transformed from a normal to cancerous cell. This happens when the surrounding cells of the tissue are doing the same. In this situation there is a very less substantial impact of the disease on patients. The disease is only restricted to cellular level.

Localized cancer

This is one of those cancer stages in which the patient can face serious circumstances. In this situation the localized cancer cells are now going to occupy basement membranes. These membranes are present at the boundaries of tissues. When the cancerous cells start occupying other tissues then the situation becomes critical for the patient.

Regional spreading of cancer 

When the cancerous cells occupy different tissues then in third stage of cancer daughter cancerous cells start multiplying. After repeated multiplication these cells enter into the blood stream. When these cells enter into the blood stream then the immune system of human body start interrupting. This is the stage where real threat to the life of patient starts.

Distant cancer spread

It is the among the worst cancer stages and is also considered as the last stage. Lymph nodes get occupied by cancerous cells and it rapidly starts spreading. Cancerous cells form new colonies and then transfer to the remaining body parts.


Cancer is a disease which created havoc from last many centuries. Now this disastrous disease has been well studied and as a result most of the cancer cases can be cured. The proper diagnosis of cancer leads to a major development in terms of identifying different cancer stages. These stages are very helpful in developing proper prescriptions to the patients. They also identify the intensity of disease.

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