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Causes of Cancer

Causes of Cancer

The abnormal or unlimited growth of cells is cancer or malignancy. It is the dangerous type of disease. There are above 100 cancer types some are curable while others are not curable.  If the treatment is started at earlier stage then cure and chances of survival are there. Skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, blood cancer etc are the types of cancer. The factors involved for the cause of cancer vary from person to person. Age, food, environment and family history etc are those factors which can contribute for the cause of cancer.

Cancer and its cause

As mentioned earlier, cancer is the type of disease which is caused due to unlimited division of the cell. The name of cancer is given on the basis of the type of part of body which is being affected by this disease. There are around 100 types of cancers. This harmful disease badly harms the body after production of massive tissue lump known as tumor. The tumors may reside in the affected part or they may invade into other regions of the body in severe cases or metastases. They change the normal functions of the body by releasing hormones. Unlike normal body cells the cancerous cells do not follow the programmed cell death. Due to the malfunctioning of cells consequently the abnormal growth takes place which causes cancer in the body. 

Benign tumors and their effect

Some tumors are formed due to rapid division of cells but after sometimes their division stops. These tumors are not harmful to the body that is why they are known as benign or non cancer tumors.

Metastasis devastations

Metastasis is the stage when malignant or cancer causing tumors invade in other regions of the body. This condition is severe and it is very difficult to treat this stage as cancer spreads from one type to another.

How does it spread?

The cancer cells have sticky properties due to strong interaction of the body cells the affected cells if not properly treated detached themselves from their origin , invade into new site and adhere themselves at new site. Here they again divide in uncontrolled manner and spread from one part to another.

External factors involved in cause of cancer

Along with the family history or genetic factors there are some external factors involved in causing the cancer. The factors responsible for causing cancer are known as carcinogens. They are physical, chemical carcinogens and biological carcinogens. Ageing is another significant factor for causing cancer.

Reducing the risk factors

The chances of reducing the risks of cancer can be minimized by avoiding smoking, drugs, unhealthy food, and direct exposure of sunlight, air pollution or obesity. Similarly add physical exercise in your daily routine. This healthier activity is useful in minimizing the risks of diseases.

How to treat the cancer?

The treatment of cancer depends upon its type and stage. If soon the cancer is detected than cure is possible. Generally surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted drug treatments are given to the patients. Dose and frequency of the treatment depends upon the patients’ health. Cancer diagnosis and treatment is complemented by psychological support.


The main cause of cancer is rapid and uncontrollable division of the cells in the body area. It is ranked first for causing death across the globe. Proper and timely treatment can increase the chances of survival even in severe cases. Similarly, except genetic factors the food habits and other external factors can be controlled by a person’s will they can also be helpful in reducing chances of the occurrence of cancer.

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