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Heart Cancer

Heart Cancer
Cardiac sarcoma or heart cancer occurs in very few cases in which the development of cancerous cells occurs inside the heart. The major portion of the heart being affected by development of cancerous cells is the soft tissues from which the disease again transfers. The symptoms are very common of this type of cancer as in the case of other heart diseases. Its prevention is quite difficult or almost impossible when it comes to the stage of performing surgery. Only the initial stages of this cancer can be cured with the help of medication and other preventive methods.  

A rare cancerous disease

Heart cancer is also known as cardiac sarcoma which is very uncommon among human beings. In the history of medical sciences the disease occurred in only a few cases around the world. In this disease the cancerous cells starts developing inside the heart and when the disease spreads in that case it may transfer to other body parts as well. The soft tissues of heart are the one which are mostly affected by the disease. Later on cancerous cells transfer from the soft tissues to other tissues of the organ.

General Symptoms

Symptoms of heart cancer include are quite similar to the symptoms of other heart diseases. Patients feel extreme pain in the chest, irregular heart beat and difficulty during breathing. At the same time patients feel constant fatigue without any reason. It is an indication that the patient is suffering from this cancer. The symptoms are heart cancer doesn’t sustain for a longer period of time. In fact they appear immediately and are quire confusing with other disease symptoms. In this case it is recommended to have a full-fledge medical checkup of the patient.

Prevention of heart cancer 

Heart cancer is a disease which is very difficult to control. The major reason is its place of occurrence. It means that heart is the most sensitive part among the body organs and thus it is very difficult for doctors to operate on it. If for a second the heart beat will stop then its revival is not so easy. There is much less chances of heart beat revival in case it stops during any operation. Secondly the flow of blood from the heart can be easily disrupted during the operation of patients. This makes it more risky and thus patients with this type of cancer are never recommended to go for operation. This rare disease is fatal in its own sense because doctors will be unable to find an appropriate medication.  


Heart cancer is a very rare disease among all cancerous diseases. It is a rare but fatal disease as it is almost impossible to cure heart cancer. Heart cancer can easily lead a person to death. There is only one exception which can happen. If the disease is diagnosed at the proper time when it is at its initial stages then the cure is possible with the help of medication. Patients have to take prolonged medications but can expect a positive result.

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