Monday, 13 May 2013

Cancer Type

Cancer is the name given to more than a hundred diseases which are characterized by the abnormal growth of certain cells. All the variations in the cells occur due to defects in genes which increase their growth rate beyond normal limits. Cancers can be categorized into different types on the basis of site of development and cell type.

Cancer types on the basis of cells

Cancer can be categorized according to the cells and tissues from which the cancer takes its origin. Four major types of cancer on this basis are lymphoma, carcinoma, sarcoma, and leukemia. It may be noted that cancer may be in the form of solid tumors or liquid tumors on the basis of cell types. Solid tumors are more localized while the liquid tumors become part of blood or lymphatic system and run throughout the body. Carcinoma, the most common major type of cancer, arises from epithelial tissues and the mucous membranes of organs. Sarcoma takes birth from the cells of connective tissues, bones, muscles, cartilage and fat. 

They are a relatively uncommon type. Lymphoma develops from the cells of lymphoid tissues. These cells are responsible for the immune system of the body. Leukemia is caused by the uncontrolled development of cells of blood and blood forming tissues. Liquid tumors are usually formed in leukemia.

Cancer types on the basis of site

These types are based on the primary place of development of the cancer in the body. These types are more known to the common people. The most common examples of these types are lungs, skin, breasts, prostate, colon and rectum. Lung cancer is the major cancer that kills more people than any other type of cancer. The proportion of lung cancer has increased in women whereas it is the same in the men. This cancer invades neighbor cells and spreads at a high speed. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world. Basal cell cancer is the most common type and develops from the lowest layer of skin. Melanoma takes place in the pigment producing cells and is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Breast cancer is the cancer that mostly invades the women. 

It occurs more in women than men. The estimates reveal that one woman from eight will be the victim of breast cancer. Prostate cancer is the cancer that invades men the most as compared than any other type of cancer. it spreads to other organs in the later stages of its development. Colorectal cancer affects men and women on the equal basis. In it, tumors develop in the large intestine and rectum of men and women. The risk of its occurrence increases with the increase of the age of individual.


Although there are about two hundred cancer types in the world, they have many things in common among themselves. For example, their risk factors include advancing age and the abnormal functioning of the genes. They are caused by abnormal use of tobacco and alcohol. Their common cures are surgery, chemotherapy, blood therapy and gland therapy.

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